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Is an Afternoon Nap the Answer to Job Success?

Afternoon Nap

There is one aspect of the healthy workplace debate that is almost never discussed. It may be one of the best untapped secrets for enhancing workplace productivity and employee engagement. What is this secret formula? This secret tool is the Mid-Day Nap. Experts believe that a quick 10 to 20 minute nap can increase brain function and not only help get employees through the afternoon but actually make afternoons less draining to begin with. As an employer it may be time to consider a way to offer afternoon naps to your employees. Here are some practical tips.

  1. Create a Nap Space.
    Set aside an unused room in your office. Furnish it with couches or cots and be sure to include an easy to set alarm clock. Make this space comfortable but enforce a time limit for employees so no one takes advantage of the opportunity. 10 minutes might work fine for some people but 20 minutes should be the cap.
  1. Take Time at Lunch.
    If you are an employer does not have a provision for a nap, consider using part of your lunch hour to snooze in your car. Set an alarm and make sure you don’t sleep through the second half of the day.
  1. Don’t Confuse Naps with Laziness.
    People who need a little sleep in the afternoon to give their day a boost are not lazy. Employers would do well to remember that people have different body clocks and an employee who feels it necessary to catch a cat nap in the middle of the day could turn out to be twice as productive than if they weren’t able to.
  1. Consider a Coffee Boost.
    Caffeine takes approximately 20 minutes to be effective. If you drink a cup of coffee or a soda right before a cat nap you will wake refreshed and jazzed to get back to work.
  1. Naps are Healthy.
    It isn’t just exercise and healthy eating that can reduce blood pressure and the risk of heart attack. Shutting your brain off for a few minutes each day can reduce stress and lead to a healthier attitude.

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